State of the art night vision scope that even records your shot.

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Many hunters will spend November spotting deer, searching for trails or feeding locations, particularly near corn fields and creeks. Whether preferring to hunt from a tree stand or on the ground, most hunters will be in position a half hour, before light and remain until lunch or later. Remember to keep feet and hands warm, and provide a lunch, if you plan to stay. Safety is a priority.

Hunting can be a wonderful family tradition. Encourage first time hunters to experience shooting, practice, and get used to their gun, for a year prior to entering the woods. Look for a compact gun, that fits them and feels good on their shoulder. Reduced recoil loads are recommended for youth hunters. Caliber choices depend on the size of the person.

Long’s Outpost stocks the biggest selection of firearms in this area. Most popular firearms in stock include: Ruger, Savage, Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Henry and Weatherby. We also have: Mossberg, Stevens, Thompson Center, Howa, H&R, Rossi, Keystone, Tristar, Crickett, Axis, Springfield, JC Higgins, Sears, Euro, Noble and Charles Daly.

Long’s carries a large selection of the most popular ammo brands: Hornady, Winchester, Remington and Federal. Other ammo in stock: American Eagle, Magtech, PMC, Independence, Blazer Brass, Wolf and others, including odd calibers.

Long’s stocks an extensive inventory of reloading supplies for many different calibers. We have a complete line of reloading dies, presses, brass, bullets, primers and powder, along with a knowledgeable staff to answer any questions or provide guidance for your reloading needs. Long’s also offers such rifle services as scope mounting and bore sighting.

After shooting and tagging your deer, it is time to field dress it and drag it. With Chronic Wasting Disease on the rise, hunters should only harvest animals appearing healthy and should take reasonable precautions like wearing rubber or nitrile gloves, while field dressing an animal. Wash hands and equipment with soap and water thoroughly when finished; then sanitize tools in a solution of 50% household chlorine bleach and 50% water, for 1 hour. Bone-out the meat to remove high risk parts such as the brain, spinal cord, spleen, tonsils and lymph nodes. Avoid cutting into or through the backbone, either lengthwise or across the spine. Minimize the handling of the brain and spinal tissues. Cutting away all fatty tissue will remove remaining lymph nodes. Have your animal tested, free of charge by the PA Game Commission and do not consume meat from any animal that tests positive.

Long’s Outpost carries field dressing gloves, knives, deer carts, dragging ropes, trail tacks and portable tree umbrellas.

Long’s stocks all of the items needed for home processing: grinders, meat slicers, jerky and sausage cure, and seasonings. If taking your deer to a processor, ask to have your meat individually processed for safety. Deer meat is a relied upon source of food for many. Most hunters enjoy the woods and take pride in the brag of a buck’s large rack, but hunting is also the primary way to manage the resource for a healthy population in the future.