April 21 - Youth Turkey

April 28 - Spring Turkey Season Begins

Join Long's Outpost in celebrating Spring Gobbler. We are holding our annual Turkey contest. The contest includes adults and youth. There will be prizes for heaviest bird with spur length being the tie breaker. The contest runs April 21 (Youth) / April 28 (Adults) through May 31, 2018. No pictures. You must bring in your tagged bird to be weighed and measured. Good Luck!!

Turkey Talk with Tyler Corrigan

Article written by: Judy Ott

Turkey season starts April 28th at daylight and ends on May 12th. You can hunt from daylight until noon. This time limits disturbing turkeys on nests. Research shows there are an average of 10-12 eggs on each nest. Shotguns, archery equipment can be used but no rifles. Please shoot your turkey in the head. I talked with Tyler Corrigan who works at Longs Outpost in Martinsburg. Corrigan also stressed if you get a turkey do not carry it out of the woods exposed. Another hunter may think it is a live turkey and shoot at you. He recommends using an orange bag of some sort or putting it in your coat.

Some hunters believe you must be in camouflage and not have any orange on which is lawful. However, many turkey hunters including Corrigan believe you should wear orange. It has not been proven that turkey can see the orange and it is much safer for the hunter. If you are wearing all camouflage or not it is best to sit in front of a large tree for added protection.

You should also not walk in the woods calling turkeys but rather sit in one place and call them into you. Other hunters may think it is a turkey walking around.

Beginning on May 14th thru May 31st you can hunt all day. Turkeys must have a visible beard. Take note some hens have a beard, and this is legal to shoot. The limit is 1 per day and 2 per season. License are on sale now. Hunting license for 2018 starts the last day of the 1st day of July.

Long's Outpost and Froggy 98 are excited to announce the “Leap to Long Pond” promotion. Register to win a pair of tickets to the June 3, 2018 Pocono 400 race. There are boxes at New Paris and Martinsburg stores. One entry per person. The promotion will run through May 25th at which point Froggy will pull one winner. The winner will be announced on the air.


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